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another reason to love ms. claire boucher.

and ms. emily kai bok!

Happy Birthday Mr. Pemberton!

Cadence Weapon, who turns 26 today, wishes that it was still 1988. So much so that the Edmonton native has recorded a new jam dedicated to the seminal year for hip-hop, the aptly titled “88.” New Cadence Weaponmusic is, of course, reason enough to be excited considering he was relatively quiet last year. But we’re particularly hype to see that none other than Montreal’s Grimes produced the track. Well, kind of. Cadence Weapon apparently sampled “Eight,” off her new Visions release, to create the grimy (sorry), thick backdrop for his personal ode to ‘88. You can stream and download it below. [Spinner]

Grimes vs. Bear!

So, today Grimes took over the Gorilla VS. Bear site and is posting awesome, crazy stuff! 

Of note:

1. Grimes new album Visions is out today! Available for purchase here

2. Awesome video recommendation:

This is some Lynchian horror anxiety music by the coolest person I have ever met, and the guy who lays out all my album artwork; Jasper Baydala. (Grimes)

Kool Music 5 - Running Back to Everyone from Emily Kai Bock on Vimeo.

3. Ad Hoc: A music blog that “supports stuff that has not yet made it to Pitchfork”. Rad. Grimes and Majical Cloudz made this song for the kickstarter for the site. 


C2SXSW: 28 Sleeps

countdown. 2. SXSW.

In 28 sleeps we will be in Austin enjoying sun, BBQ and, of course, a smorgasbord of awesome music. Over the next 28 days I will be posting a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ on exciting bands to watch! hoorah!

today……………..let’s start with what I am most looking forward to. You can probably guess……….


A little bit on Grimes from Arbutus Records:

A phantasmic state for the deep listener, sourcing the long forgotten spells running alongside humans for centuries and forcing them through a hyper-futuristic filter. Compositional and vocal delivery are coloured with an emotional trauma. Despite a generally upbeat demeanour, an urgency permeates the music. Calling us between our history and the future it uses the pleasure of minimal rhythms and dance to entice, but beyond its rich, software-sculpted cohesiveness, and vocal energy, runs a very real and odd world.

I could post everything currently available by Grimes, as I LOVE it, but maybe I’ll just post this new mix I heard yesterday (thanks to a tweet by Mr. Cadence Weapon):

Song: Real is a Feeling (Grimes Remix)- PIctureplane

I am a little bit obsessed with Grimes right now (I think I’ve mentioned this…). This remix is amazing and combines my current favourite things: Grimes, theoretical thinking and rad dance beats! This track is from a remix double album, Dimensional RIP 7: Thee Physical Remixes, from Pictureplane. Read on!


Pictureplane’s “Thee Physical” was a conceptual work about how we, as humans, relate to our 3rd dimensional world by experiencing it physically through touch. and our experience of being human inside of physical bodies in a post-physical digital age. this collection of remixes is a continuation of these concepts, each remixer being hand selected by Pictureplane to work with the digital skeletons of each song, to carry out their own visions of what Thee Physical meant to them, and their physical forms. This remix double album, is the 7th Dimensional Rip. which is an ongoing conceptual art work by Travis Egedy (Pictureplane). each Dimensional Rip is meant to be, just that, a rip or tear within space and time. a way of putting something out into the universe that helps to alter perception and the very world that it exists in. past Dimensional Rips have been anything from group art exhibitions, a zine, a mix of slowed down happy hardcore, or a performance artwork inside of an art museum. the 7th Dimensional Rip is no different.

Available for download here.

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